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“The camera has really just become a part of me.

Photography helps to express what my eyes see, what my intuition knows

and what my heart feels - in certain moments.”
—j. a
lix barber

Profundities.  The Story. (August 2020)

This once online portfolio site was completely renovated as a labor of love based on a conversation I had with another labor of loves, my dog.  Brodie, what if my work bag, or my underwear, or my workout clothes had one of my photos mixed with encouraging words?  Something that maybe even only I know is there. What would that be like? Look like? What is the why? 
Profound.  Profundity. Profundities!

The next four months this Profundities idea, and many more, would bounce around in my head.  Until one day in early July, I just decided to start, and keep going.  All throughout my home are encouraging quotes.  Why not take them with me throughout my daily journey?  Somehow.  The what and why becoming much clearer while I worked diligently on the how.  Talking through all of it with Brodie, of course.

What will it look like?
It looks like purposeful things.  Mostly for her.  Fine quality.  Affordable.  Chic. Bold. Pretty. Fun. Daring.

What is the why?
Because sometimes we need an extra little push or shove.  Encouragement.  Empowerment. Inspiration.  Humor.  Another part of the why is to show appreciation for the fine art of photography.  To stay creative.  To support others.  Quietly, but with purpose.  Each handbag style is namesake to a very strong and influential woman who has had a significant affect on my own personal journey - through theirs. 

How would I do this?
By taking my fine art photography from here, there and everywhere - hand curate -and design bags, underwear, journals, leggings, more ... learn business strategies ... pray ... write ... plan ... ask for help - but never stopping until I could look at my children and Brodie and say, We launched!

If to choose a favorite profundity, just one, it is:

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Gandhi.  

which keeps me from complaining about anything at all.  If I do not like something, I either change or accept. The only way to see change, is to be the change.  So, I hope through Profundities® Boutique and The Gallery®, there is a little bit of difference I could make and some legacy of goodness to leave behind.  

Thank you for being here!  We launched!  

Shop The Profundities Boutique and  Visit The Gallery today!

j. alix barber

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